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Selling and Leadership Ninja

We hope you enjoy the help and ideas we give to make you and your company more sucessful. We are dedicated to sharing the information we have learned over the last 40 years to help others 

Mar 31, 2019

Learn why creating a 10 minute a day habit can change your life.

Mar 24, 2019

What is "Yucking It Up" and why it's a cool technique to learn in sales and meeting people. 

Mar 15, 2019

Epic week! Im issuing a challenge. Listen and see what happened this week for two of my clients that now are believers in the Ninja Cold Calling philosophy .

Mar 10, 2019

Do you allow the excuse of "Getting Your Ducks In A Row" to keep you from living a dynamic life and having greater success. Explore this thought process to help you have higher success. 

Mar 2, 2019

A reminder story of an interaction I had with a sales superstar this week. It led me to share some reminders that slip from us periodically of why we are Sales Superstar Warriors. I hope this helps all of you.