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Selling and Leadership Ninja

We hope you enjoy the help and ideas we give to make you and your company more sucessful. We are dedicated to sharing the information we have learned over the last 40 years to help others 

Jul 25, 2020

Today's show will walk you through the process for strategically targeting the customers you want and "Always" Closing them. The process "Never" fails.... Operative word, "Never" 

Jul 17, 2020

When you know your customer and that your product will help them all you have to do is be patient and work them. Once you know they can use you or the product, be patient and work them with the philosophy of when they will buy not if. 

Jul 11, 2020

If you have ever encountered a rip current you know that swimming against it to get back to shore will tire you out and you will drown. Are you doing that in your business today? 

Jul 4, 2020

Are you losing the game of sales and financial results in your company because of the buzzer shot. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you will definitely want to listen. It happens everyday, don't let it happen to you.