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Selling and Leadership Ninja

We hope you enjoy the help and ideas we give to make you and your company more sucessful. We are dedicated to sharing the information we have learned over the last 40 years to help others 

May 22, 2021

The "Art of the Handwritten Note" is like fishing with dynamite with its incredible effectiveness. Listen today and get a reminder with tips of how to create this successful process to make you more money and bigger success. 

May 16, 2021

Today learn tips on how to eliminate your employee retention and hiring problem forever. Be genuine with engagement of your team, understand why people are really your biggest asset and you will never have an employee hiring problem again.

May 8, 2021

Your Past Customers & Leads Are Gold. This is the biggest missed opportunity I always find in a company. They're always running to the easy deal and not valuing the opportunities to really grow by capitalizing on this missed opportunity. It's an "Always" Fact. 

May 1, 2021

Don't be a Star Sales Person in order to be a Star Sales Person. This is a must listen to learn what I'm talking about. This will give you a "Gotcha" moment. It's about a focused strategy.