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Selling and Leadership Ninja

We hope you enjoy the help and ideas we give to make you and your company more sucessful. We are dedicated to sharing the information we have learned over the last 40 years to help others 

Jan 24, 2021

Learn today how flinching impacts you business. The example of flinching when you drive is a good exercise to help with increasing your success as a leader. Do your team members see you as the confident driver. 

Jan 17, 2021

It's time to own your destiny. Today is a rant about avoiding being the victim of "You". Enjoy the examples and my offer to help anyone who is a victim of themselves. Eliminate the victim of "you". 

Jan 10, 2021

With everything going on it's even more important to eliminate the noise in your life. This is a important show to help you really take off in 2021. Do a noise audit in your life. Get the noise in your head that you have control of not the outside noise. 

Jan 2, 2021

I'm going to help you make 2021 your breakout year. Today we begin that journey by eliminating your self talk. Whether it's a career change, sales growth, or a leadership opportunity, this year we are making a difference.